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Transportation in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Whitchurch-Stouffville has Go bus and train service at the Go Transit station located at 127 Main Street in downtown Stouffville. There are two commuter trains that leave Stouffville in the morning. The train ride to Toronto’s Union station takes approximately one hour. The Go bus from the Stouffville Station makes stops in Markham Village and Unionville, enroute to Toronto.

Motorists have many major roadways to choose from, to get in and out of town. The most convenient of these would be Highway 404 which has on-ramps at Stouffville Road and Bloomington Road. The commute by car to north-central Toronto takes approximately 30 minutes.

Transportation Times

All commuting times provided are approximate times only. Commute times may increase or decrease depending on where you live within the neighbourhood and the time of day i.e rush hour versus off hour commutes. Time estimates to subway are applicable to Toronto only. (This estimate is based on walk or bus line connection whichever is quicker). All other commute times on the chart below are based on drive times.


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