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History of Scugog

For many years, Scugog was the summer home of the Mississaugas. These First Nations people descended on Scugog each spring to enjoy a bountiful supply of maple syrup, venison, wild rice, and cranberries. “Scugog”, is a First Nations word meaning “marshy waters”. Indeed, a wide shoreline, and marshy waters, made Scugog an ideal place for growing crops. Lake Scugog still has one of the largest natural wild rice beds in Ontario. The First Nations legacy in Scugog Township lives on in the vibrant community that is the Mississauga’s of Scugog Island.

A key figure in the history of this region was a highly regarded reform politician named Peter Perry. In the 1830s, and 40s, Perry’s leadership led to the successful harvesting of this areas vast forest. He was also instrumental in setting up a lucrative steam boat building industry. Perry, was determined to connect Scugog to the rest of Durham Region and was influential in building roads and attracting the railway to this community. In 1854, the Village of Scugog was renamed Port Perry, in honour of its founding father.

Scugog remained a village until 1974, when four municipalities including: the former Village of Port Perry, the Township of Reach, the Township of Cartwright, and Scugog Island, amalgamated to form the present day Township of Scugog.


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