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History of Brock

A picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words. This is the case with the Township of Brock coat of arms, which depicts the colourful history of this rural township. The Brock coat of arms includes: the Scottish thistle, the English rose, and the Irish clover-trefoil which pay tribute to the heritage of the first settlers in this town. The soldier and farmer depicted on the coat of arms represent the ex-military men who fist settled this land. The eagle and the grenadier were adopted from the coat of arms of Sir Issac Brock, the townships namesake. The crowned mascot at the top of the crest is in honour of a local character, Phillip St. John, who was known as the King of Brock. The Latin inscription at the bottom of the coat of arms is translated as: A Community with a Heart.

The Township of Brock was formed in 1974, as the result of an amalgamation of the villages of: Beaverton, Cannington, and Sunderland, and the rural hamlets of Thorah and Brock.


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