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Lifestyle in Ajax

The downtown Ajax shopping district situated along Harwood Avenue, south of Highway 401, has a pretty tree-lined boulevard in the middle of the street. Ajax Plaza, located in the centre of this shopping district will see improvements to the existing building, as well as upgrades to the plaza’s parking, lighting, walkways and landscaping. Not to be outdone the Harwood Place Mall (also known as the Hardwood Shopping Centre) adjacent to Ajax Plaza, will undergo an ambitious retrofit that will enable every store to have a street entrance. The addition of four new buildings for this shopping centre is also planned. Small shopping plazas, as well as fast food restaurants and car dealerships line Bayly Street between Harwood Avenue and Westney Road. The Rio Can Durham Centre located off Harwood Avenue, just north of Highway 401, is another popular shopping destination.

The Durham Centre shopping complex located at Harwood Avenue and Highway 2, is a regional shopping destination featuring big name retailers including: Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Loblaws Wal-Mart and Zellers.

The Pickering Village shopping district tucked away on Old Kingston Road features many interesting antique shops, and quaint restaurants.


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