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History of Runnymede

The Runnymede neighbourhood was developed on the former estate of John Scarlett, who settled in this area in 1808. Scarlett quickly rose to prominence as proprietor of a number of mills along the banks of the Humber River.

In 1838 Scarlett built a rough-cast English cottage-style house named "Runnymede", which was situated at the present day intersection of Dundas and Runnymede Roads. While the Runnymede house is no longer standing, Runnymede high school, Runnymede Hospital, Runnymede Road and many of the local churches are named after this former landmark.

The Charles Goad Atlas map of 1893 shows all the streets in this neighbourhood layed out and named however very few houses were actually built in Runnymede until the early 1900's.

Ed. Note. Wilbert G. Thomas, author of The Legacy of York , provides us with an interesting bit of Runnymede trivia, noting that the Runnymede district held the distinction of having a Canadian Navy warship named after it during World War II.


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