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Recreation in Cedarvale

The Cedarvale Ravine can be accessed through Cedarvale Park at Ava and Everden Roads. This ravine is enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, joggers, bird watchers and in the wintertime cross country skiers. Cedarvale Ravine is part of the historic Belt Line Railway path - an old commuter railway right of way - that dates back to the 1880's.

Cedarvale Park located at the north end of the ravine provides local residents with a multi-use recreational space that includes tennis courts, playing fields and the Phil White indoor ice arena.

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Cedarvale Park – A Progressive Urban Green Space

No one is left out of the fun at Cedarvale Park a huge urban greenspace that cuts a diagonal swath through the Cedarvale neighbourhood which is located west of Bathurst Street between St. Clair Avenue and Eglinton Avenue.

In addition to the traditional recreational amenities found in many Toronto parks such as baseball diamond, tennis courts, soccer pitches and a skating rink this progressive city of Toronto park has recently added an enclosed off leash area for dogs and an innovative environmental education program called Families In Nature.

The Families In Nature program is situated in the middle of the park in a meadow with a stream running through it. This watercourse is a tributary of the Don River. The city parks department has smartly converted this grassy meadow into a wetland habitat where native flora and fauna can thrive while at the same time improving water quality and mitigating drought and flooding conditions.

Families In Nature has been assisted by over 300 volunteers from the community. Some of the initiatives have included planting native trees shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Educational interpretive signs installed along the foot-path overlooking the meadow allow visitors to learn about the plants, birds and animals which may be seen in this restored habitat.

Cedarvale Park with its emphasis on recreation, the environment and inclusion for dog owners is innovative and would seem to be a model for urban parks across Toronto in the future.  


Cedarvale Park Families In Nature interpretive trail.


Cedarvale Park’s popular dogs off leash area.


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