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Baby Point

Recreation in Baby Point

The social and recreational centre of this neighbourhood is the Baby Point Club, located off of Baby Point Road. This private neighbourhood club features two tennis courts, lawn bowling and a log cabin clubhouse that hosts various social events throughout the year.

Baby Point is also an excellent place for exercise walks, jogging and cycling. Its picturesque, winding streets and hilly terrain provide a good challenge for fitness enthusiasts.

Baby Point residents can walk to Etienne BržlŽ Park which has a paved trail that follows the course of the Humber River. This multi-purpose trail is ideal for walking, jogging, cycling and cross-country skiing. This park is also popular for fishing and picnics. Across the street from the park is the Old Mill Tennis Club which includes four public tennis courts.

The Humber theatre located on the south side of Bloor Street, west of Jane Street is a popular venue for movie goers as this theatre screens current Hollywood releases.

Without a doubt one of the prettiest settings in Toronto has to be at the Humber River as it flows alongside Etienne Brule Park just below the historic Old Mill Inn and Spa. This is the setting every fall around Thanksgiving for dozens of anglers. These fishing enthusiasts wade with their leg high rubber boots into the chilly waters of the Humber River to test their mettle against the teeming amount of Salmon swimming upstream to spawning grounds.

Fishermen are not the only ones who gather here on a nice fall day. Curious onlookers also line the banks of the Humber river to marvel at this spectacle; as hundreds of Salmon attempt to jump the weir in the Humber river. These schools of Salmon travel this route each fall as they make their way up the river from the mouth of Lake Ontario to spawn upstream in the Humber River headwaters which originate all the way up in the Oak Ridges Moraine.


This is not a recent discovery as far as fishing holes go. Salmon have been migrating along the river for thousands of years. The First Nations people fished here long before the settlement of Toronto. The Humber River was officially designated a Canadian Heritage River at a plaque unveiling ceremony in Toronto on September 24, 1999.


The beautiful Old Mill bridge, built in 1916, is the perfect backdrop for all the fishing enthusiasts. A short stroll from the bridge is the Old Mill Inn and Spa. This historic Inn has a very popular Sunday brunch and family dinner buffet, as well as a famous Thankgiving Buffet. Good to know just in case you get hungry after a busy day watching the Salmon run.


If you prefer a more casual outing, Etienne Brule Park has numerous picnic benches. This park is a short stroll from the Old Mill subway station. If you are traveling by car there is plenty of parking available at the entrance to the park.


Photo:Toronto and Region Conservation
Salmon jumping the weir in Humber River at Etienne Brule Park


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