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History of Brockton

The Village of Brockton was likely named after Captain James Brock, who held a large parcel of land in this area in the early 1800's. Captain Brock was a cousin of Sir Issac Brock, a Canadian war hero who fought in the War of 1812.

Brockton was initially settled in the 1840's by Irish immigrants. These first settlers found employment in Brockton's two rope making factories. They also cultivated their land and tended to their livestock as a source of income.

In 1881, Brockton was incorporated as a village. However, only three years after it's incorporation Brockton had accumulated a large debt. Brockton's financial troubles led the residents of the village to vote in favour of amalgamation with the City of Toronto. This merger became official on March 25th, 1884.

Ed Note: The Village of Brockton Town Hall, built in 1882, is still standing on the south-west corner of Dundas Street and Brock Avenue. This historic building is now being used as a retail store.


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