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Lytton Park

Recreation in Lytton Park

Lytton Park, from which this neighbourhood takes its name, is nestled in a deep valley, hidden by trees, from the roaring traffic of Avenue Road above. This serene park includes three public tennis courts, and is also home to the North Toronto Lawn Bowling Club. Across from Lytton Park is the Herbert Begg Memorial Garden. This picturesque strolling garden was donated to the City by Herbert Begg's daughters as a memorial to their father.

Otter Creek Park located off Rosewell Avenue has a twin outdoor skating rink that is used for skateboarding in the summertime. The public schools adjacent to Otter Creek provide access to a running track, baseball diamond, basketball court and popular tobogganing hills.

Lytton Park residents enjoy the annual spring fun fair at John Ross Robertson Public School. JRR parents always look forward to special school events such as lip sync night and winter skating and hot chocolate day at Otter Creek. The JRR playing field is a hub for community activities such as T-ball and softball. Glenview Public School is a popular venue for tobogganing in winter and childrens camps in the summer. The Lawrence Park Collegiate playing fields and running track are used year round by the community.

North Toronto Soccer Club is a not for profit community organization run by volunteers. Over 5,000 children participate in this league each year.




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