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Allenby's tudor style houses were built in the 1930's and 1940's. They include a mix of detached two storey homes and bungalows. Overall, Allenby's lot sizes are above average, with 25 to 35 foot frontages being typical. All Allenby houses have either a mutual or private driveway.

Much of Allenby's housing stock has undergone extensive renovations by new owners who have been careful to preserve the original wood detail and decorative accents found in many of the houses in this neighbourhood.


The Allenby neighbourhood recored eighty-six sales in 2014 with an average selling price of $1,391,000. The average list to sale price ratio for all these sales was 99%, with homes selling on average in just 11 days. Seven sales topped the $2 Million dollar mark. 
There are three price points into the Allenby neighbourhood. At the entry level you will find bungalows and smaller detached homes with mutual driveways selling in the $1 Million dollar range. The next tier are the side-hall, tudor inspired detached homes with private driveways that sell for $1.1-$1.6 Million. At the top of this market you find centre hall executive homes on premium 50 foot lots starting around $1.7 Million and climbing to over $2 Million dollars.
The Allenby neighbourhood boasts excellent schools and a vibrant shopping and restaurant district along Eglinton Avenue West. 
Public transit is another strength of this neighbourhood. Demand for homes will likely increase even more once the new Eglinton subway is completed. Expect demand for houses in Allenby to outweigh available listings once again in 2015.
If you are thinking of buying a home in the Allenby neighbourhood in 2015 contact David Dunkelman, Broker, Royal Lepage Signature Realty. or call Direct 416-726-6574

Allenby Real Estate Update 2014

The Allenby neighbourhood is coveted by homebuyers seeking the family-friendly feel that this Uptown neighbourhood is known for. The 2014 market has so far tallied 25 sales in Allenby with an average sale price of $1,222,000. "Most of these houses would be detached 2-storey homes although there are some semi-detached and bungalow starter homes included in the Allenby housing mix" offers David Dunkelman a longtime resident of the area and Broker at Royal Lepage Signature Realty.

Of the 25 sales recorded thus far in 2014 a remarkable 19 have sold for asking price or above. In fact the average list to sale price for an Allenby home this year is 105%. Dunkelman explains " there are definitely more buyers than sellers for this neighbourhood so when a house does come on the market it will generally attract multiple offers and many times sell for over asking."

The Allenby neighbourhood has alot to offer. Probably the biggest drawing card is the Alllenby Public School which is highly regarded for its French Immersion program and consistently scores high on the Province of Ontario's Fraser School Report. There are also outstanding shopping and recreational amenities all within walking distance. The commute to downtown is is a mere 15-20 minutes by public transit or by car. 

"Allenby is a beautiful neighbourhood with lots of trees, manicured lawns and gorgeous homes" says Dunkelman. The lots are genreally 23-33 feet wide, with even larger lots situated at the north end of the neighbourhood. Most of the original housing stock consists of handsome Tudor style homes that today's homebuyers are renovating and sometimes adding an addition at the rear. Many of the bungalows have been replaced by custom designed new homes.

The average Allenby house is currently selling in just 9 days. "You have to be prepared to act quick says Dunkelman and work with a Realtor who knows the neighbourhood so you can get an inside track on new listings and the pulse of the market at any given time."

For more information on Allenby neighbourhood real estate you can contact David Dunkelman at: or by cell phone at 416-726-6574 or office 416-443-0300 

Allenby Real Estate Update 2012

The Allenby neighbourhood is a popular choice for families. David Dunkelman, Broker, Royal Lepage Signature Realty, IND Owned & Operated Brokerage, explains: "Families are attracted to this neighbourhood for its excellent schools and convenient access to prime shopping districts, as well as a plethora of recreational amenities. The fact this neighbourhood is so close to downtown Toronto is a huge bonus for the many professionals who reside here and commute downtown each day".

The demand for houses in Allenby is reflected in the 50 sales that have taken place in this neighbourhood thus far in 2012. The average sale price is currently $1,130,000. Dunkelman points out "you can certainly find a small bungalow, or semi-detached home for under 1 million dollars but even the smaller detached houses are now selling for over 1 million dollars, and the larger detached houses situated at the north end of the neighbourhood can sell for as much as 2 million dollars and even surpass that mark".

If you are planning to buy a home in this popular uptown neighbourhood you better find a buyers agent who can help you gain a competitive advantage as houses in Allenby are selling on average for 102 % of asking price and are averaging just 11 days on the market. Dunkelman who has sold houses in the Allenby neighbourhood for many years has the following words of advice for prospective Allenby homebuyers. "The fall market is an excellent time to buy a home in Allenby as there are typically some good listings on the market, but not quite as much competition from buyers as you are likely to find in the spring market".

For more information on Allenby neighbourhood real estate you can contact David Dunkelman at: or by cell phone at 416-726-6574 or office 416-443-0300

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