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History of Wexford

Wexford began in the 1840's as a crossroads community centred around "The Rising Sun Inn," which was situated on the south-west corner of what is now the Lawrence and Pharmacy Avenue intersection. This popular Inn was owned by Richard Sylvester, who hailed from Wexford County, Ireland.

In 1865, a post office was opened in Sylvester's "Rising Sun Inn." Sylvester named this post office Wexford, which from that time onward, also became the official name of this community.

An historical landmark held over from Wexford's pioneer days is St. Jude's Church, situated on the east side of Victoria Park Avenue, south of Lawrence Avenue. This church was built in 1848 by local farmers. St. Jude's is one of the oldest standing churches in Toronto.

Wexford endured as a quiet farming hamlet until the 1950's, when the present day neighbourhood was developed.


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