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Centennial-Port Union

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This neighbourhood features a playful mix of architectural styles with elements of English, Spanish and Swiss designs woven into the tapestry of the houses found here. Many of the houses date from the 1940's and 50's, and include frame cottages, ranch style bungalows, split-level homes, and two-storey houses. There are also a fair number of new, custom-designed houses here.


Centennial lies to the north of Lawrence and runs East to Port Union Road. The western portion was the first to be developed pre 1960s with large homes on expansive properties. In the early 60's to late 70's the eastern part of Centennial was further developed with smaller more uniform lots and smaller homes as well. 


Port Union Village - a new home subdivision located south of Lawrence Avenue features a waterfront inspired collection of semi-detached and detached houses as well as townhomes. These houses feature decorative architectural accents such as sweeping front porches, second-storey front decks and whimsical turrets that are designed to take advantage of Port Union Village's prime location overlooking Lake Ontario.

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