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Homes in Hillside

There are approximately eight-six homes in the Hillside neighbourhood of which about twenty are privately owned and the rest are owned by the provincial government.

The Hillside properties owned by the government are managed by the Ontario Realty Corporation which rents them out to qualified applicants. Many of these applicants are farmers who must undergo a selection process that also involves the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Non working farm applicants are put on a waiting list which currently includes about three hundred applicants who want to enjoy the feeling of living in the country while at the same time being only a half-hour drive from downtown Toronto.

The typical Hillside property is 1/2 acre to five acres in size however the larger working farms are generally fifty to two hundred acres in size. Most of the farm houses in Hillside are sixty to ninety years old. The rents here are lower than marketplace rents which is due to the fact that these are older homes and utility costs are generally higher, and even more significantly there are no city services available to this community. This means no water, sewers, sidewalks or street lights and plenty of bumpy roads. The Ontario Realty Corporation does however provide a general maintenance of it's properties.

There are a limited amount of private properties in Hillside that can be sold to the public however if you are looking for raw land to build a subdivision on you have come to the wrong place. The Rouge Park does not allow for any further residential development on these lands.

*No recent sales of Hillside homes were available at the time of printing of this publication.

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