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Guildwood Village

Transportation in Guildwood Village

Guildwood has its own Go Train station which is part of a Lakeshore service that links up with Union Station in downtown Toronto. it is a 20 min GO train ride to Union Station.

Bus routes that wind through this neighbourhood connect transit users to the subway system.

Motorists can get to downtown Toronto in approximately twenty-five minutes via Kingston Road.

Transportation Times

All commuting times provided are approximate times only. Commute times may increase or decrease depending on where you live within the neighbourhood and the time of day i.e rush hour versus off hour commutes. Time estimates to subway are applicable to Toronto only. (This estimate is based on walk or bus line connection whichever is quicker). All other commute times on the chart below are based on drive times.

Toronto Transit subway station (Toronto only)
Go Bus or Train station
400 Series Highway
Toronto Pearson International Airport
Regional Shopping Mall
University Campus
Downtown Toronto


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