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History of Bendale

Bendale was settled in 1796 by David and Mary Thomson, who were the first Europeans to reside in the former Township of Scarborough. David Thomson's brothers, Andrew and Archibald, also settled nearby. Thomson Memorial Park is named in honour of this pioneer family.

Historical landmarks at Thomson Memorial Park include the "Springfield House," built in 1840 by Andrew Thomson's son James, and the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, built in 1849 on land donated by David Thomson. For directions to these historical sites visit the Scarborough Historical Museum located just inside the entrance to this park, off Brimley Road.

Bendale was originally known as Benlomond, which was the name given to the local post office in 1878. However the Benlomond name had already been in use elsewhere and in 1881, this community was renamed Bendale. When the development of the present-day neighbourhood took place in the 1950's the Bendale name was adopted by Bendale Public School, Bendale Park, and Bendale Boulevard.


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