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History of Graydon

Graydon's first landowners were the Duncan family who put down roots in this area during the mid 1800's. Henry Duncan the family patriarch was elected to the York Township Council in 1870 and served as the Town Reeve for a number of years. It was Henry's son David who farmed the land where the Graydon neighbourhood is now located.

David Duncan was a well known dairy farmer and breeder of Jersey cattle. His gingerbread style farmhouse, known as "Moatfield" was built in 1865. It was moved to its current location at 125 Moatfield Drive in the 1970's when the present day neighbourhood was being developed.

The other historic house in this neighbourhood is Graydon Hall from which this neighbourhood derives its name. Graydon Hall is located at 185 Graydon Hall Drive. This English Manor style house was built in 1936 by financier Henry Rupert Bain. It's quite likely Graydon Hall was named after the "Gray" family who from the 1830's until 1914, operated a grist mill on the banks of the "Don" River where the Donalda Golf Course is located today.


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