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Downsview is one of Toronto's largest neighbourhoods. It has a large Italian community centred around Keele Street as well as a large Jewish community centred around Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue.

Downsview has a number of neighbourhood landmarks including Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the Allen Expressway. Now there is a new neighbourhood landmark:Downsview Park which is located on the former Canadian Forces Base. Downsview Park has the distinction of being Canada's only national urban park. Downsview Park is a multi-use facility that stages year-round events and programs for all ages. It is also tome of a multi-sport complex, a private school, and a Drive Test centre for driving tests and licenses.

Humber River Hospital is a new state-of-the-art acute care facility situated at Wilson Avenue and Keele Street. Humber River is North America's first fully digital hospital

Recreation at Toronto’s LargestUrbanPark

When you think of Downsview in North York you might immediately think of Yorkdale Shopping Centre, the Allen Expressway and the former Canadian Forces base (CFB Toronto) that occupies a huge swath of land that extends from WilsonHeights to Keele Street and from Wilson Avenue to Sheppard Avenue West.

Now there is a new neighbourhood landmark: DownsviewPark. Situated on the former CFB Toronto land, Downsview Park is Canada’s only national urban park. This mammoth park sits on 572 acres of green space conveniently located right in the middle of Toronto, making it accessible for all to enjoy.

Development of Downsview Park began in 2006; it’s still a work in progress. It will continue to evolve over the next few decades, as the master plan calls for the creation of five new neighbourhoods with mixed use including residential, parkland, commercial, educational and institutional. This is one of the largest redevelopment projects ever initiated in the city of Toronto.

In respect for the land’s former use — the home of De Havilland Aircraft Company and later a Canadian Forces base — this development includes the historical preservation of the former Downsview Hangar, a collection of steel, glass and concrete structures that once stored WWII aircraft. The Hangar is now enjoying a new life as a 45,000 square metre multi-purpose recreational facility that includes indoor fields, beach volleyball courts and ball hockey arena, as well as a pro shop and a restaurant called The Hangar Grill.

Downsview Park also has a Discovery Centre and Film Studios and has been able to attract a number of exciting tenants including: Canadian Air and Space Museum, Defcon Paintball, Downsview Park Arts Alliance, Downsview Park Merchants Market, Grand Prix Kartways, HoopDome, North York Soccer Association, The Rail Skate Park, Toronto Roller Derby League, Toronto School of Circus Arts, Treble Clef Music School and True North Climbing.

In addition to all its permanent facilities Downsview Park hosts events year-round. A fall fair, a three-on-three street hockey tournament, a spring Earth Day festival, Downsview Park’s Trail of Lights during the Christmas season, and Canada Day at Downsview Park are just a few of these annual events. With all of these great facilities and events Downsview Park is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s most popular recreational destinations.

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