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History of Thistletown

Thistletown was originally named "Coonats Corners" after the Coonat family who settled here in the early 1800's. The next major landowner to settle in this area was John Grubb. Grubb's colonial riverstone home, built in 1832, is still standing today in a picturesque woodlot at number 19 and 23 Jason Road.

John Grubb was a successful businessman who built many of the roads in this area including - Albion Road. When a post office was established on Albion Road, in 1847, it was named St. Andrews in honour of Grubb's birthplace in Scotland. However confusion with St. Andrews in New Brunswick led to the post office being renamed Thistletown in honour of Dr. William Thistle, who was a well respected member of this community. His son John Thistle, was Thisletown's first postmaster.

In the early 1900's, a few summer cottages and some year round residences were built in Thistletown. However, Thistletown would remain primarily farmland until the Toronto real estate boom of the 1950's and 1960's led to the complete urbanization of this neighbourhood.


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