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History of Smithfield

Smithfield is named after Robert Smith who was a major landowner in this area dating back to the 1830's. It was Smith who donated the land for the first community church at the corner of Albion and Martin Grove Roads. Smithfield Church is described in the Story of Etobicoke written by Robert Given, as a "simple log structure ... When it was torn down the logs were taken to Rowntree's saw-mill on the Humber for lumber which was used in the building of a church in Thisletown in 1873."

From 1874 onwards this pioneer community revolved around the Smithfield school that was situated on Albion Road, west of Martin Grove. This two room schoolhouse was designated as School Section #7 by the former Township of Etobicoke. The original Smithfield school was closed in 1954, however, when the present day neighbourhood was developed in the 1960's, a new Smithfield school was opened on Mount Olive Drive. The School Section #7 plaque from the original Smithfield school is mounted in the foyer wall of the present-day Smithfield school.


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