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Humber Heights

History of Humber Heights

The area now known as Humber Heights was originally part of the Village of Weston. This hamlet was located along the west bank of the Humber River and revolved around a grist mill, a saw mill, and a distillery. In 1852, this settlement was washed away by a torrential spring rain which saw the water level of the Humber River rise by about twenty feet. Only St. Philips Church and Cemetery, remain from this early settlement.

Humber Heights next established itself as a farming community centred along Scarlett Road. These farms began to be subdivided during World War I in order to provide housing for the workers at the nearby munitions factories in Weston. A housing boom after the war resulted in the further urbanization of this community.

In 1921 the Humber Heights Consolidated School was opened and it soon became the focal point of this neighbourhood. Humber Heights school is still standing today at 2245 Lawrence Avenue West where it is now operated by the Toronto School Board as a resource centre and adult education centre.


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