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Centennial Park

History of Centennial Park

The Centennial Park neighbourhood was one of the last areas where working farms operated within Toronto. In fact, it wasn't until 1968 when the Hirons farm was sold to developers that this area was completely urbanized.

Author Ester Heyes, in her book Etobicoke - from furrow to borough, remembers the Hirons farm. " Harold Hirons and his father before him had owned the 88 1/2 acre property fronting on Elmcrest Road at Rathburn Road from the days of the Furrow to a time well beyond the establishment of a Borough". When all around him the land had been turned into modern residential communities Harold Hirons continued to carry on a highly successful dairy farm, shipping milk to Toronto daily.

Heyes then quotes Mrs. Hirons as saying that "we felt sorry for our new neighbours who could not go out and gather their own strawberries, and the fruit from their own orchards, fresh picked vegetables from their kitchen gardens and eggs warm from the nest". Certainly this was the end of a simpler way of life.

In 1967, the former Borough of Etobicoke created Centennial Park as a centennial project to celebrate Canada's one hundredth birthday. It is this landmark park after which this neighbourhood is named.


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