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Whitchurch Stouffville

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The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville promotes itself as “Country close to the city”. Indeed Stouffville which has a population of approximately 22,000 residents, is a predominantly rural community with large livestock and agricultural farms that seem to stretch forever into the horizon. Vast conservation areas and sprawling golf courses add to the countrified charm of this town.

The bulk of Whitchurch-Stouffville residents live in the Old Village of Stouffville, situated east of Highway 48, where Stouffville Road turns into downtown Main Street. This area is largely built up, with a full range of schools and amenities. Whitchurch-Stouffville also contains a large number of smaller rural hamlets which are vibrant communities in their own right including: Ballantrae, Bloomington, Gormley, Lemonville, Musselman Lake, Ringwood, Vandorf, and Wesley Corners.

The Musselman Lake community tucked away south of Aurora Road and east of Highway 48, along Lakeshore Road, is a unique pocket of Swiss-style homes with front porches and decks that provide scenic vistas overlooking Musselman Lake. This small kettle lake was formed during the last ice age.

Whitchurch- Stouffville’s rural hamlets each offer something different. The Pine Orchard community at Highway 74 and Warden Avenue, is dotted with country estate homes. Beautiful ponds, many of them man-made adorn these estates. In the countryside many of the farms are graced by an Ontario farmhouse style home. These charming homes are typically one-and-a-half-storey brick homes with a fanciful gable over the front door entrance.


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