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History of Amesbury

Amesbury's first settler was John Denison, a United Empire Loyalist who purchased land here in 1804. The Denison family were influential members of the Toronto establishment. They were well regarded for their outstanding contribution to Toronto's early political and military affairs.

The Denison Family also owned large parcels of land in downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill, and along the Humber River south of Lawrence Avenue where Denison Avenue is situated today. Located at the end of Denison Road overlooking the Humber River Valley is St. John's Cemetery-on-the-Humber, which has been the private cemetery of the Denison Family since 1861.

Members of the Denison family continued to own property in Amesbury right up until the early 1930's. The present day Amesbury neighbourhood was subdivided for residential development in the 1940's.