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West Deane Park

History of West Deane Park

The West Deane Park neighbourhood was still farmland when it was purchased by construction magnate Percy Law in the 1930's. Law raised prize cattle and race horses on this property, which also served as a storage depot for his construction equipment.

In keeping with his love for race horses, Law built a Colonial Revival "Old Kentucky" style home over an existing brick farmhouse that had stood on his property. This impressive white house with its large Corinthian style pillars is still standing today, set back from the street at number 59 Beaverbend Road. On the property surrounding his house Law also built a coach house, a farm manager's house and stables. The farm manager's house is still standing at 18 Deanewood Crescent.

Law sold his hobby farm in the early 1960's to developer Edmund Peachey, who built the present day neighbourhood. Peachey named this subdivision West Deane Park, in honour of his wife whose maiden name was Deane.


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