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Riverside is remarkably affordable by Toronto standards. This is surprising given its close proximity to downtown Toronto and the many wonderful amenities available within this neighbourhood. There are a variety of condominium living options available here ranging from trendy hard and soft lofts to condominium townhomes. 1 bedroom condos are selling for between $250,000-$350,000 and average 500-700 square feet. 1+1 (den) or 2 bedroom condos are selling for between $450,000-$650,000 and range in size from 800-1100 square feet.

Most of the houses in this neighbourhood are heritage homes and feature Victorian, Second Empire or Edwardian architecture. The older semi-detached and attached townhomes are quite narrow and generally do not include off street parking. Prices for these homes range from $450,000-$650,000. There are not that many detached houses in this neighbourhood however if you do find one these generally sell for between $550,000-$750,000. 

The saying "everything that is old is new again" pops to mind when describing Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood. This quaint urban neighbourhood was the land of opportunity for Toronto home-buyers 100 years ago. Flash forward to now and Toronto home-buyers are once again discovering the value that this revitalized east-end neighbourhood has to offer.


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