Go Raptors Go !

May 30, 2019

Go Raptors Go !

The 2019 NBA Finals will feature the Toronto Raptors for the first time since the team was founded in 1995. That first season the Raptors in their dinosaur purple uniforms were a woeful 21-61. This season their record was 58-24, good enough for 2nd place in the Eastern Conference behind the Milwaukee Bucs a team the Raptors just dusted off in the Eastern Conference final.

Over the years the Raptors have been led by some outstanding players from the the mighty mouse Damon Stoudamire, to Vince "Air' Carter, Chris "I prefer Miami" Bosch, Demar "I am Toronto" Derozan, and a band of popular characters with names like Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues, Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams, Morris "Mo Pete" Petterson, Bismack "Busy" Byombo, Terrence "T-Mac" Ross, and Jonas "JV" Valanciuanus, to name a few. And now the team is led by Kawai "The Claw" Leonard, Pascal "Spicy P" Siakam, Serge "The Shot Blocka" Ibaka, Marc "the human wall" Gasol and the teams popular point guard and longest tenured current Raptor, simply known on a first name basis as "Kyle" - Kyle Lowrey.

The Toronto Raptors have captured the imagination of the City of Toronto and of all Canada for that matter. Parties are being held at Jurassic Park outside the Scotaibank Arena and at civic squares in Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket and other venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The whole country is behind this Toronto Raptors team. They have unified a city starved for a championship. Now they just need to upset the Golden State Warriors who some say are the best basketball team ever. A tall order indeed. But maybe the basketball gods led by Ontario born James Naismith, credited with inventing the game of basketball in 1891, will sprinkle some ferry dust on this 2019 Toronto Raptor team and help them to victory and a first NBA Championship. Go Raps Go !