Toronto Caribbean Carnival Presents - the Official Carnival Band Launch Schedule

April 1, 2019

Toronto Caribbean Carnival Presents - the Official Carnival Band Launch Schedule

Tribal Carnival’s introduction of “Magic” consisted of eleven costume design sections, which included - Illusions, Love Potion, Enchantment, Dream Catcher, Mystical Magic, Hocus Pocus, Magic Dust, Black Magic, Abracadabra, Mesmerize and the Sorceress.

“The concept for this year’s band theme came from watching the movie - Now you see me, a group of magicians and illusionists who pull off amazing tricks during their performances”, said Celena Seusahai - CEO of Tribal Carnival. “We always kick start the carnival season since our band plays Mas in both the Toronto and Grand Cayman carnival parades”. 

Renowned as the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival has programmed a lineup of nine Mas Camp Band launches across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from March until June 2019.

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is pleased to announce the 2019 dates for the following band launches:

For the 2019 Carnival season, there are two categories of bands: Competing Mas Bands and Guest Bands. The Grand Parade will take place this year on August 3rd at the Canadian National Exhibition, a showcase of MAS Band parading in the designated route.

The 2019 TCC Festival Calendar of Events is as follows:

  • July 14th - Junior King & Queen
  • July 20th - Junior Parade & Family Day
  • August 1st - King and Queen Showcase
  • August 2nd - Pan Alive
  • August 3rd - Grand Parade


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Pictured here - The Sorceress (Celena Seueahai)

The Sorceress - A sorceress is a powerful witch who has conjured a magical being to live within her, granting her endless powers and immortality, able to manipulate all things around her. Few have ever seen her true form.