Remembrance Day Spotlight On Toronto's Earlscourt Neighbourhood

November 10, 2015


Photo Credit: Toronto Public Library

Earlscourt was brimming with recent immigrants from the British Isles in the 1910s. At that time the economy was poor and unemployment was high. As a result many of the young men in Earlscourt enlisted in the Canadian army during the First World War in an effort to make a contribution to their new country and to help defend their old country overseas. Earlscourt's enlistment rate per capita was said to have been among the highest in the British Empire. This wave of patriotism prompted the Prince of Wales (later Edward V111) to visit the Veterans' section of Prospect Cemetery in 1919. (Prospect Cemetary is located in the heart of the Earlscourt neighbourhood). The Prince of Wales planted a Silver Maple tree which is still standing and from whose seeds a great number of Prospect Cemetery's majestic maples have been propagated.