MidTown Hub Would be A Valuable Addition To Toronto's Midtown Neighbourhoods

September 28, 2015

It is great we are building all these new condominiums in Midtown Toronto but do we have enough community infrastructure to support the needs of all the new families that will be moving into the area. Midtown Hub is a community organization that believes that Ward 22 neighbourhoods are currently underserved when it comes to recreational space and the problem is only going to get worse in the near future when thousands of residents begin moving into their new condominiums.

Midtown Hub has a win win solution to the lack of recreational and community space in Midtown. Davisville Public School is going to be rebuilt and expanded. The Toronto District School Board must sell an acre of its land to help fund the expansion and building. Midtown Hub is lobbying to have the Davisville Public School surplus land turned into a community hub. Midtown Hub acknowledges that for their dream to become a reality the funds will need to be found and assembled through partnerships. These partners could include the city, the province, community, private and philanthropic organizations.

If you live in Midtown Toronto and want to have a say in how your new Midtown Hub may take shape and what types of services and amenities it may include you are encouraged to participate in a community survey at the website