Yorkville's iconic Coffee Mill closing

August 30, 2014

The Coffee Mill tucked away inside 99 Yorkville Avenue is scheduled to serve its final customer on September 7. Regular customers have been flocking to the Coffee Mill to say their goodbyes ever since word got out of its closing. Some of the favourite items on the menu included: the Chicken Schnitzel, the Hungarian Goulash Soup, The Coffee Mill Salad, all the deserts - especially the Apple Strudel, and the wonderful selection of specialty coffees.

The Coffee Mill was started in 1963 by Martha von Hezcey who at 86 is now going to enjoy a much deserved retirement. The walls of the Coffee Mill are adorned with framed photos of the many movie stars and celebrities that dined at this popular Yorkville restaurant over the years. The Coffee Mill remained relevant and a fixture in Yorkville for parts of six decades, an incredible achievement for any business. It will surely be missed but not forgotten.